Jewellery Care: Keeping it Tidy

Take care of your jewellery and it will live on for years. Each piece of jewellery is individual and gathers your stories each and every time you wear it.

Here are a few jewellery care tips that I find super useful to keep my jewellery looking sparkly, new and tangle free!

  • Gently rub gold and silver jewellery with a soft, clean cloth to bring back the sparkle.
  • Jewellery set with gems can be given a new lease on life by careful cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water. Try not to get threaded pearl or bead jewellery wet as the thread may rot. (argh!)
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners on jewellery. A little warm soapy water usually does the trick!
  • Freshen up your silver jewellery with a little baking soda and water – See my previous blog post.
  • Wipe pearls with a soft damp cloth after wearing to remove perfume. Better yet – avoid spraying your perfume onto your jewellery in the first place … spray your perfume on, AND THEN put on your jewels! Perfume will discolour your costume jewellery and there’ll be no going back! (massive sad face)
  • Keep jewellery carefully stored and separated – not jumbled together in a draw. Jewellery trees and earring stands are great for this and bonus – your jewellery is right there in the morning when you wake up so whilst putting on your makeup you can be deciding what to wear. Check out these DIY jewellery stands over on Mona Luna’s awesome blog: LOVE THEM!!

Jewellery stand

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